Post-Processing Solutions for Formlabs 3D Printers

For almost any 3D printing technology, post-processing adds time and limits throughput. Our post-processing solutions simplify and automate post-processing so you can consistently produce quality results and maintain a tidy workspace with less time and effort.

Form Wash
and Form Cure

Streamline and automate rinsing and post-curing of resin 3D prints. Designed for parts printed on Form 3 generation desktop 3D printers.

Form Wash and Form Cure

Form Wash L
and Form Cure L

Designed for large parts and high volume production, our large-format solutions simplify the post-processing of resin 3D prints. 

Form Wash L and Form Cure L

Finishing Tools

Streamline your workflow and enhance surface finish with our curated set of SLA post-processing tools.

Formlabs Finishing Tools

Looking for Wash Solvents?

Formlabs has partnered with AprintaPro to offer wash solvents for cleaning SLA 3D printed parts.

Buy Solvents

Fuse Sift

Convenient, compact, all-in-one powder recovery station for Fuse Series SLS printers.

Fuse Sift

Fuse Depowdering Kit

All-in-one, affordable depowdering solution for low-volume production on Fuse Series SLS printers.

Fuse Depowdering Kit