Factory Reconditioned Form 3B


Shipping time: Est. Jul 25 - 29

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Each Form 3B 3D printer includes the essential tools required to start printing and a one-year warranty. Resin not included.

The Form 3B is an advanced 3D printer optimized to produce high quality biocompatible appliances. Our precise, reliable ecosystem takes the guesswork out of dental and medical fabrication so faster workflows are just a few clicks away. Each of our ever-expanding variety of indications is extensively validated and tested to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Refurbished units are inspected and tested at our repair facilities to meet the same standards as new printers. Refurbished printers may have minor cosmetic imperfections, but these do not affect print quality or functionality.

  • Refurbished Form 3B 3D Printer
  • Finish Kit
  • Build Platform
  • Resin Tank
  • Add Service Plan