Fuse Series Powder Cartridge


Reduce downtime by transferring modular powder cartridges and build chambers between the Fuse 1 generation printer and Fuse Sift for a nonstop, cyclical workflow.

Use the powder cartridge to load material dispensed from the Fuse Sift, our powder recovery solution, into the Formlabs SLS 3D printer's hopper. The powder cartridge is also used as a mixing vessel when combining fresh and used powder.

  • Fuse Series Powder Cartridge
Fuse Sift for Fuse Series 3D Printers

Fuse Sift recovers and mixes the used and fresh powder in a seamless workflow for Fuse Series SLS 3D printers.


Use Fuse Series Powder Cartridge with Fuse Sift for a seamless, automatized workflow for SLS 3D printing production.

Seamless Workflow

Slide the cartridge into your Fuse SLS printer or Fuse Sift to go from printing to powder recovery to mixing with ease thanks to the streamlined cyclical ecosystem.

Mess-Free Powder Handling

Use the Powder Cartridge to keep your work environment powder-free. The sliding opening allows you to keep the SLS material contained until released in the printer.

Powder Recovery Made Easy

Fuse Sift will dispense and mix the new and used powder in the cartridge and prepare the batch for your next print, so you can keep your hands off the powder.

Minimum Waste, Maximum ROI

Achieve low to zero-waste printing by recovering and re-using your unsintered powder easily and maximize your ROI.

Workflow When Using Fuse Series SLS 3D Printers

  1. Fill in the cartridge: SLS 3D printing allows you to print with reused powder to minimize your waste and reduce your costs. Insert the cartridge into Fuse Sift and choose your ratio of fresh/used powder. Fuse Sift automatically dispenses the used SLS powder recovered from your past prints and mixes it with fresh powder to fill the cartridge.

  2. Mix the powder: take the full cartridge and slide it into the agitator on the side of the machine. Fuse Sift will tumble the powder cartridge to make sure all the powder is evenly mixed.

  3. Fill the hopper: Slide the cartridge into the top of the hopper until it's securely inserted and the opening is sealed into the hopper. Pull the sliding opening to release the SLS powder into the hopper.

  4. Print: Follow the instructions on the printer to start the print.

  5. Powder recovery: When the print is done, insert the build chamber and an empty powder cartridge into Fuse Sift. Extract the parts from the powder cake with the help of the tools and vacuum - Fuse Sift will sift and collect the used powder as you do.

  6. Done: Fill in a new cartridge for your next print.