Alumina 4N Resin 2kg (0.78 L)


Lead time: 28 days

Embrace the future of ceramic engineering with the most affordable ceramic 3D printing ecosystem in the world. Introduce the power of 3D printing to manufacture your advanced ceramic components without expensive tooling, and reduce production costs and lead times while increasing design freedom.

Alumina 4N Resin is a high-density and high-purity technical ceramic 3D printing material with exceptional performance in extreme environments: thermally resistant, hard, abrasion resistant, mechanically strong, and chemically inert. 

A stainless steel build platform is required when printing with Alumina 4N Resin (use either Form 3 Build Platform 2 or Form 3 Stainless Steel Build Platform).

Alumina 4N Resin has a total shelf life of 3 months at room temperature. Refrigerating your resin (at -10–4 °C) can add up to 12 months of additional shelf life. We recommend refrigerating Alumina 4N Resin.

  • Alumina 4N Resin 2kg (0.78 L)