Why Choose Alumina 4N Resin?

Alumina 4N Resin is a 99.99% pure alumina technical ceramic with 98.6% relative density, and exceptional thermal, mechanical, and conductive properties — comparable to traditionally manufactured alumina (Al2O3). 

Ceramic 3D Printing Made Accessible

The most affordable and easiest-to-use ceramic 3D printer in the world. Over 10x lower starting price compared to the leading alternatives.

Unprecedented Design Freedom

Fabricate ceramic components with intricate internal channels, latticed structures, and complex geometries that are impossible with traditionally manufactured alumina. Optimize parts without sacrificing quality or performance.

Shortened Turnaround Time and Reduced Costs

Ditch expensive tooling and molds for reduced production costs and a quicker end-to-end process for a faster development cycle overall.

Extreme Performance

Reliable in extreme applications with a max working temperature of 1500°C, maintaining an impressive flexural strength of over 400 MPa in addition to resisting compression and deflection with a modulus of 380 GPa.


Alumina 4N Resin is a cost and time-effective solution for fabricating high-performance parts for extreme environments. Parts printed in Alumina 4N Resin serve as good heat and electrical insulators, heavy-duty tools, as well as chemically resistant and wear-resistant components.

They are used in industries such as defense, manufacturing, chemicals, and automotive.

Consider Alumina 4N Resin for:

High voltage components: enclosures, connector housings and covers, terminal blocks
Chemical resistance: manifold pipes, mixing blades and pipes
Thermal protection: spark plug insulators, electrical mounting, insulating housings or tubes
Foundry tools for metal casting: cores, crucibles, gating, sprues, mixing tools, thermocouple sheaths, metal filters

Material Properties*

Alumina 4N Resin

Flexural Strength

400 MPa

Purity [%]


Relative Density


CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

5 ppm/K

Maximum Working Temperature


Additional Steps Required for Alumina 4N Resin

Users should refer to the Introduction to Ceramic Alumina 4N Resin guide for additional information.