Color Kit (Form 3)


Shipping time: Est. Jul 25 - 29
Color Kit is the first integrated color mixing solution for resin 3D printing. It enables 3D printing in a range of colors without the manual work of finishing, dying, or painting.

Color Kit contains a Color Base cartridge and all five Color Pigments. Use Color Kit to mix and print matte, opaque parts in a range of colors without the manual work of finishing and painting.
  • Color Base
  • Cyan Pigment
  • Magenta Pigment
  • Yellow Pigment
  • Black Pigment
  • White Pigment
  • Color Resin Recipe Book
Color Kit Resin Astronaut in grey shades, orange and blue

Why choose Color Kit?

Color Kit enables you to print many models in one consistent color, right off the printer, without the additional work of finishing and painting.

Infinite Potential

Choose from 16 tested recipes, or use our Color Picker tool to mix a custom color.

Uniform Color

Color Kit provides a consistent, uniform color throughout the entire part.

Smooth Surface Finish

Perfectly smooth right out of the printer, parts printed on the Formlabs stereolithography printers have the polish and finish of a final product.


Field test product concepts more quickly with 3D prints that fit their environment.

Looks-like prototypes
Concept models
Props and figurines

16 Recipes, Infinite Potential

Form X Product

218, 89, 89



Pigment Recipe
  • Cyan0mL
  • Magenta65mL
  • Yellow35mL
  • Black0mL
  • White0mL

Material Properties

Post-Cured at 60°C
Ultimate Tensile Strength
38 MPa
65 MPa
Tensile Modulus
1.6 GPa
2.8 GPa
Elongation at Break
Flexural Modulus
1.3 GPa
2.2 GPa
Notched Izod
16 J/m
25 J/m


Form Wash Settings


10 min


Form Cure Settings


30 min



60 °C


Use these settings for standard opaque resins including Grey, White, Black, and Model Resin, which have equivalent mechanical properties.