Goggle prototype, Elastic 50A Resin

Why Choose Elastic 50A Resin V2?

Elastic 50A Resin V2 is an elastomeric material with high elongation and high energy return. Parts are highly elastic, yet strong enough not to tear during printing.

Fast Springback

Bend, stretch, and compress parts that resume their normal shape afterwards.


Create objects that are clear, providing visibility into the model.


Able to withstand rugged use for multiple cycles.


Produce parts that look and feel like a molded silicone part.


Elastic 50A Resin V2 is ideal for developing soft, flexible prototypes normally produced with silicone.

Consider Elastic 50A Resin V2 for:

Wearables, such as straps
Compressible buttons
Stretchable enclosures and casings
Compliant features for robotics
Soft tissue anatomy and medical models
Special effects props and models

Material Properties*

Elastic 50A Resin V2

Ultimate Tensile Strength

3.4 MPa

Stress at 50% Elongation

0.9 MPa

Stress at 100% Elongation

1.7 MPa



Tear Strength

12.3 kN/m

Hardness Shore A


Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature. Data was obtained from parts printed on a Form 2 printer with 100 µm Elastic settings, washed in a Form Wash for 20 minutes, and post-cured at 60°C for 20 minutes in a Form Cure.


Form Wash Settings


10 minutes


Wash Elastic 50A Resin V2 for 10 minutes on the build platform. Remove parts from the build platform, then wash for 10 more minutes using fresh solvent. Avoid washing Elastic 50A Resin V2 for longer than 20 minutes, as this may degrade parts.

Form Cure Settings


30 min



70 °C


There is only one recommended post-curing time for Elastic 50A Resin V2. Fully submerge the dry parts in water in a glass beaker placed inside Form Cure.