Nylon 11 CF Powder 6 kg


Get the best of nylon and carbon fiber all in one high-performance material, perfect for end-use applications that require both superior stiffness and strength. Choose Nylon 11 CF Powder to produce lightweight, rigid parts that remain structurally and thermally stable and can sustain repeated impact.

This material requires Sift 300 Sieve to be used with Fuse Sift.

Nylon 11 CF Powder can act as an irritant of skin and mucosal membranes. Please refer to the SDS and Support Article for usage guidelines.

For best results, print using the Fuse 1+ 30W and optional inert atmospheric control.

  • Nylon 11 CF Powder 6 kg

Sift 300 Sieve
Nylon 11 CF Powder requires a 300 micron sieve for the Fuse Sift.

Sift 300 Sieve
Nylon 11 CF Part

Why Choose Nylon 11 CF Powder

Nylon 11 CF Power is a carbon-fiber reinforced material, ideal to produce stiff, strong, and lightweight end-use parts.

Carbon Fiber-Filled

Produce high-performance composite parts for strenuous end-use applications.

Stiff & Strong

Get the best of both worlds with the rigidity of carbon fibers and the ductility of nylon 11.


Push the limits of design with a high strength-to-weight ratio on top of the geometric freedom of 3D printing.

High Thermal Stability

Deliver heat-resistant parts for long-term use that maintain dimensional accuracy over time and can take repeated impact.


Nylon 11 CF Powder is our highest performance material for the Fuse 1+ 30W.  Choose this material for parts that need to be strong, lightweight and stable over time, even at elevated temperatures.

Replacement and spare alternatives to metal parts
High-impact equipment
Tooling, jigs, fixtures
Functional composite prototypes

* Material properties may vary based on part design and manufacturing practices. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to validate the suitability of the printed parts for the intended use.


Post-processing with the Fuse Sift powder recovery station and a media blasting station is recommended. To learn more about post-processing SLS prints, download our workflow guide.