Fuse Depowdering Kit


Shipping time: Est. Jul 29 - Aug 1

Fuse Depowdering Kit Sifter 300 Sieve

This affordable, all-in-one manual post-processing kit allows you to easily clean SLS parts, and recover, sift, and mix used powder to prepare for the next print. Easily switch between materials without the hassle of cleaning machinery or gain access to a complete Fuse SLS ecosystem for low-volume production at an affordable price point.

  • Fuse Depowdering Kit Workspace and Tools
  • Fuse Depowdering Kit Sifter with 150 Sieve
Formlab's Fuse Depowdering Kit, a manual solution to depowder your SLS parts.

Why Fuse Depowdering Kit

Easily clean and prepare your SLS prints, seamlessly switch between materials and unlock access to our professional SLS ecosystem at a lower price point than ever.

Professional Results

Produce industrial-quality parts for demanding applications with the Fuse Series ecosystem.

Accessible SLS System

Get access to our professional SLS 3D printing ecosystem at an affordable price.

Efficient Manual Depowdering

Easily clean parts and reclaim powder with an all-in-one manual post-processing solution.

Easy Material Switching

Change to a new SLS Powder without the need to clean Fuse Sift or other post-processing machinery


Easily clean SLS parts and recover and mix used powder to seamlessly prepare for the next print with our affordable, all-in-one manual post-processing kit.

Powder Removal
Powder Sifting & Recovery
Part Cleaning
Powder Mixing & Preparation


Working Area, Powder Tool & Brushes Set, Holding Vessel, Weight Scale, Powder Scoop, Powder Sifter, Powder Mixer, and local power adapter.