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Be among the first in line to receive the new standard in industrial 3D printing, the Fuse 1. The Fuse 1 brings SLS 3D printing technology to the workshop, enabling you to print parts in strong and flexible nylon.

Download the technical specifications (PDF).

Make a deposit now to reserve a spot in the queue for a Fuse 1 complete system for – the complete system includes the Fuse 1 printer, an extra build chamber, post-processing unit, and an initial load of nylon material (Nylon 12). You will also have the option to purchase the Fuse 1 printer and build chamber for once units are ready to ship. Customers who reserve may choose whether they’d like to be considered for our beta program.

Being part of our beta program means you’ll be able to start printing production-ready parts on our affordable SLS unit sooner, and work directly with our Fuse 1 product team to test early production machines. Beta units start shipping late 2017; non-beta units are expected to begin shipping in Spring 2018.

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