Three Reasons to Attend The 2020 Formlabs User Summit

We’re bringing back the Formlabs User Summit, a unique gathering of passionate Formlabs users defining what’s possible with digital fabrication. This year’s global virtual summit will celebrate the innovators shaping the future of manufacturing from desktop printers to digital factories. Our goal is simple: to unite and inspire people who are shaping a future where anyone can make anything. 

In 2020 we launched Formlabs Comes to You, a series of virtual sessions consisting of user office hours videos, live demos, webinars, and training sessions that brings the benefit of in-person community events directly to you with virtual experiences. These sessions have been a huge hit, with tens of thousands of viewers across dozens of live webcasts. Now, we’re taking the learnings from these online events and applying them to a two day global 3D printing User Summit. 

Read on for the top three reasons you should attend the 2020 Formlabs User Summit.

Global Networking

"The FUS19 was an amazing conference. A refreshing take on an industry conference where networking was promoted and easy, given the open and welcoming environment. We left the User Summit with an expanded network that flourished in the following months. I can't wait to attend the virtual this year [although I wish it was IRL]!"

-Christina Perla, Makelab

We know the importance of networking with industry experts at 3D printing events like the Formlabs User Summit. Hearing that attendees like Christina Perla were able to strengthen support networks after the event is incredible and exactly the outcome we want everyone to walk away with. 

The Formlabs events team spent a lot of time thinking about networking. Our goal is to leverage the digital nature of the 2020 User Summit to do something we’ve never been able to before: empower global networking. Instead of confining connection to one exhibition hall, we are providing a space to engage with other professionals from across the globe. The event will provide ample time for attendees to meet other guests through regional video chat rooms, one-on-one meet and greets, happy hours, and specialized breakout sessions sorted by industry. 

Furthermore, Formlabs will make our internal teams available for you to meet, from hardware engineering to master level 3D designers, enabling you to go behind the scenes at our global locations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Learn From Super Users, Including Formlabs University

Formlabs University is a special track of sessions taking place across both days of the User Summit. Boost your additive manufacturing skills with sessions targeting each part of the 3D printing creation process and maximize your 3D printing knowledge to get the most out of your 3D printer.

We’ll be hosting more than 10 speakers from across Formlabs for a deep dive into new and upcoming products and materials, with virtual hang out sessions so you can meet the teams and ask follow up questions.

A look at Formlabs University:

  • A deep dive into each of our new materials for 2020, plus an exciting announcement about some brand new resins! Speaker: Materials Product Manager Kathy Bui. 
  • All you need to know about the Form 3L, our large-scale SLA printer. Speaker: Hardware Product Manager Kyle McNulty.
  • A top to bottom look at our recently announced Form 3BL, a large-scale SLA printer for  biocompatible printing. Speakers: Formlabs Director of Healthcare Gaurav Manchanda.
  • Your agile factory made simple with Formlabs Factory Solutions. Learn how large-scale 3D printing is impacting business from New Balance to Hirschmann Automotive. Speaker: Technical Project Manager Jessie Bergau.

The learnings go deeper than just the Formlabs University track. The Formlabs User Summit is one of the only places to see 3D printing success stories at both large public companies and local businesses. Hear from the experts on how digital tools are impacting their business, and how they are optimizing workflows to maximize the influence 3D printing has on end use products. 

A sneak peek at our incredible speaker lineup:

  • Formlabs recently profiled TaylorMade and how they are using 3D printing to prototype new golf clubs. Now, hear directly from a TaylorMade engineer how 3D printing impacts his daily design process to bring revolutionary golf clubs to players of all skill sets. Speaker: Product Development Engineer Chris Rollins.
  • As the Innovation Lab Manager for LUSH Cosmetics, Damien Carter is an experienced 3D designer with extensive knowledge in additive manufacturing. 3D print extraordinaire and maker of moulds for the retailers globally known for making fresh products such as Massage Bars, Body Butters, Bath Bombs and more, Damien will share how he helps give LUSH Cosmetics a competitive edge by rapidly prototyping new product designs with Formlabs technology.
  • Dr. Cherise Dunn is the Co-Founder and COO for South Africa Makes, an award-winning and internationally recognised startup providing digital manufacturing services for the medical, research, and development industries in Africa. She’ll take you inside the state of 3D printing in Africa, and how her team is addressing COVID-19 supply shortages.

Finally, this year's keynote speech will be from Formlabs CEO Max Lobovsky on the future of 3D printing, including a first look at what to expect from Formlabs in 2021.

It’s Free!

And who doesn’t love free things!

But free tickets does not mean you’re getting less. Our events team has honed their craft running bigger and better events totally online over the past six months, creating the first truly global 3D printing event and enabling us to pack more than ever into the User Summit schedule. By removing the cost of a large in-person event, we’re able to create a truly global experience for our users at no cost with 3D printing all stars from all over the world.  

Attend to immerse yourself in success stories and interdisciplinary discussions, while learning actionable tips and techniques for perfecting and scaling your own 3D printing designs all from the comfort of your couch.

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The 2020 Formlabs User Summit is a 3D printing celebration for everyone. It will have content and events for those looking to get started, and for existing users looking to push the envelope of what is possible with 3D printing. We will also be giving away some serious prizes including custom prints, CAD giveaways, Formlabs swag, resin, and even a Form 3 printer!

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We hope to see you all in November.