Announcing Grey Resin!

After months of fine-tuning to perfection, Formlabs is ready to expand your 3D printing options. Grey Resin is finally here!

Similar to Clear, our newest material has properties engineered for fine detail and functional prototyping. Grey’s tensile strength and Young’s Modulus are similar to that of ABS plastic when post cured. (Official datasheet coming soon) The neutral color, on the other hand, allows you to carefully inspect fine details. This attractive matte finish is suitable for immediate presentation or to serve as a base for painting.  That means that you can make durable, professional quality parts to suit your project needs.

Pouring Formlabs Grey Resin

With both Grey and Clear in your workshop, you have enormous versatility to experiment with complex geometries, finishing, and lighting. The newest version of PreForm Software is already configured with menus to select your print material.

Gears printed in Grey Resin from Formlabs

Purchase Grey in the Form Store for $149. Shipping starts in three weeks with priority for customers who already have a Form 1.

The Form Team is dedicated to building a 3D printing ecosystem that seamlessly brings your creativity to life in beautiful, physical form. Grey Resin is one big step of many to come.

-The Form Team

Formlabs White Paper: Post-Curing Prints
We set out to study the post-cure process in detail in order to optimize final mechanical properties of printed parts. Download the white paper to learn more.