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Artists on Display at Siggraph 2015

From 3D printed films to props like the spaceships from the movie Interstellar, designers, VFX artists, and animators have used 3D printing to bring incredible models to life. We invited some of our favorite works printed on the Form 1+ to exhibit at Siggraph, the computer graphics conference held in Los Angeles starting tomorrow.

We’ll be displaying models 3D printed on the Form 1+ from Landis Fields, Mold3D, and Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud at our booth at Siggraph, August 11-13th 2015 in Los Angeles. Come and see these incredible prints in real life!

Landis Fields
As Lead Artist at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, Landis Fields creates 3D concept art for blockbuster films. His evocative characters and vehicles showcase the power of 3D printing with extremely detailed digital sculpts.

“I'm excited for people to see “R∆N°¥∆N” and his tethered droid since it's a carefully planned mix of sculpture and 3D print which not only shows the true potential of using the Form 1 as a tool but also how I use 3D printing in my work. The cowboy shows this mixed media approach as well with his cork shooting pistols.”

In addition to the models mentioned above, you can check out “The Sleepwalker,” one of the many 3D printed models from Landis Fields that will be displayed at the Formlabs booth at Siggraph 2015.


Founded by experienced animators Robert Vignone and Edward Quintero, Mold3D is a community started to encourage 3D Modelers, Sculptors, Designers and 3D Print enthusiasts to come together to learn, share, promote and be inspired.

We asked Edward Quintero what piece he was most excited to display at Siggraph this year.

“We have several prints on display this year, and for Siggraph we have a new print to show (“Bear”) that is based off a design by character designer David Colman and modeled by 3D Artist Shannon Thomas. It will be exciting to see our latest print in person!”

David Colman Bear

Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud
A digital artist and animator, Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud is best known for his ambitious project Chase Me, a 3D printed animation film printed on the Form 1+. Using 2,500 3D prints, the film took two years to make, and has been screened at Cannes, Anima Mundi, and Annecy.

“I'm really excited to to show my growing tree. It's certainly one of the most complex prints I had to create for my short because of all of the tiny branches and leaves. It has a lot of overhangs which wasn't easy to deal with, but in the end, I was able to make it work perfectly.”

Chase Me 3D Printed Growing Tree

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