3D printed snarling orc for Mold3D Academy

Breathing Life into Digital with Mold3D Academy

April 2, 2015 in News

Mold3D Academy is offering Formlabs customers $50 off Summer 2016 online classes with the code formprint2016.

With the Form 1+ 3D printer, models and sculpts that once lived only on isolated hard drives and lonely render farms begin to find new life as printed characters.

Mold3D is here to help you bring your digital designs to the physical world. In their second annual 3D printing course, veteran character and costume designer Ian Joyner (character designer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Avengers) joins Robert Vignone (Avatar, Hellboy) in an introduction to character modeling and 3D printing with the Form 1+. The focus will range from sculpting with professional modeling software, to hands-on finishing of 3D prints.

A student watches a 3D print emerge from liquid resin at the Mold 3D Academy workshop.
A student watches a 3D print emerge from liquid resin at the Mold 3D Academy.

Last year’s class saw some jaw-dropping triumphs - many students produced hunting-lodge style trophies of their characters (which we keep on display here at Formlabs HQ and in our tradeshow booth).

Signups are available now. Formlabs users get 25% off with a discount code FORM19IW9K1 until Sunday, 4/5/2015. For those not able to make it out to Pasadena, check out Robert Vignone's webinar on print finishing for a taste of Mold3D's class.

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