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Form 1 Artist Profile: Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti has been around the digital sculpting world since the early days (2008 saw his first animated collaboration with Pixologic), and he truly amazed us — and a few thousand voters — with his incredible showing in the ZBrush Sculpt-Off at the 3D Printshow World Expo.

A versatile and prolific digital designer, Grassetti moves between 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Maya, Marmoset, Xnormal, Keyshot, and plain old-fashioned clay. When we saw him in LA, he participated in Pixologic’s live sculpt-off — and took home the Form 1 we provided as a top prize.

Rafael Grassetti and his new Form 1 3D printer
Rafael’s first moment with a Form 1! Photo courtesy of ZBrush Sculpt-Off.

With a portfolio including character design for Bioware and SONY — if you’ve played Mass Effect, you’ve seen Grassetti’s work — Grassetti’s favorite aspect of 3D modeling (versus traditional sculpting) is the flexibility of the final product. Being able to try different poses, sizes, and anatomical configurations before locking the design into a physical object is “just amazing”, he says.

Rafael's Form 1 3D Printer
Form 1 in situ, with, as Rafael describes, “clay, tools, boxes of ink, airbrush, wires, and statues all over the place.”
écorché sculpt
A progress photo of Rafael’s in-development écorché sculpt.

Currently working on the production of a limited-edition 40cm écorché, Grassetti also has a new SONY game title in the works, as well as a frequently-updated and mindbending digital gallery. We can’t wait to see what happens next!