Form 1 in Production

Our shared vision of low-cost, high resolution 3D printing is closer than ever. The Form 1 has entered full production!

Over the last few months, we have assembled our supply chain while carefully vetting even the smallest parts that make up the Form 1. We are ecstatic to say that after multiple rounds of improvements, component testing, and revisions, we used Kickstarter funds last month to order the tens of thousands of parts (like the displays below) needed to build more than 1,000 printers. As components continue to arrive, the Form Team is readying our production lines to get moving as fast as possible on our US factory floor.

Our first priority is obvious: rigorously test the first small batch of Form 1s so that you receive a quality product. After that, we will set exact delivery dates, but we are on schedule to fulfill the large majority of Kickstarter printers by the end of April.

In the meantime, Form 1 and Gyro Cube backers, please keep a close eye on the e-mail account you used to pledge on Kickstarter. You will soon receive a personalized coupon to register your shipping information at the Form Store.

As always, we appreciate your patience while our team works day and night to build the best desktop 3D printer out there. Please stay tuned!

tons of displays for the Form 1