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From the Forums: Proteins and Prototypes

Winter is finally leaving (we hope) but we have one last snowflake for you by Sung Woo Choi. Check out Choi’s recent walkthrough on finishing a printed female figure, too.

Paul Ingram Gearbox assembly
Paul Ingram’s First Form 1 print

Meanwhile in engineering-land, Paul Ingram prototyped a gearbox assembly in white resin before generating the toolpaths for CNC milling in aluminum.

Catherine Hajek ball-jointed dolls
Catherine Hajek’s Printer set up and printing!

Between battles with Puerto Rico’s humidity, Catherine Hajek has printed a family of ball-jointed dolls… some with scissor feet.

R. Vincent Erb’s Degu Disc
R. Vincent Erb’s Degu Disc

We had to look up what a degu was, but we’re certain that Vincent Erb’s son’s degu is the envy of the brush-tailed rat community, with this custom printed running disc.

BiologicModels HIV-1 Protease model
BiologicModels’ transparent HIV-1 Protease model

Casey Steffen, meanwhile, is making the microscopic world of protein structures fit into the palm of a hand with Biologic Models. He’s using his Form 1 to print models of proteins at 18 million times their real-life size, incorporating x-ray crystallography and 3D modeling in the creation of a manipulable model. His innovative techniques for dyeing and marking certain regions of the modeled enzymes are a topic for another post — stay tuned — but right now, check out the HbA1c campaign on RocketHub!

As always, let us know what you're up to in the forums — we love seeing what you're forming.