eggshell scan 3D printed on the Form 1+

Maker Club Puts Printers to the Test

June 16, 2014 in News

When the Maker Club behind Tales of a 3D Printer visited the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire, they came prepared to put the printers on show to the test. At the Faire, they asked us to print an STL file of a scanned eggshell they had created in order to try out various 3D printers.

Eggshell Print Side by Side

In their test, they printed their eggshell scan on various printers, and had good things to say about the result the Form 1 produced (pictured above to the very right in our clear resin).

Tales of a 3D Printer has other great resources and content, like their presentation on 3D printing geared towards kids and recommended reading list.

The Form 1+ and black resin continue to improve upon our outstanding print quality, making prints like these all the more possible for your next awesome project.

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