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Form in Black: Formlabs Resin Gets Formal

June 9, 2014 in News

Formlabs resin is now available in classy, classic high-resolution Black.

Our new Black Resin is the product of the same rigorous research and testing that goes into all resins devised by our all-star materials science team, and adds another set of capabilities to the Form 1 desktop 3D printer.

We’ve specially-tuned Black to be ideal for models with delicate features and fine details. It may print up to 30% more slowly than our other resins at the 100 micron setting–a result of the increased cure-time–but we think you'll find that the end result is more than worth the wait!

Black is available now from the Formlabs Store for $149 (€125).

In celebration of our upcoming launch events, we couldn't help but print out a black tie and cufflinks, designed by our own Will Walker and modeled by Jeff Morin.

Black Tie Resin Release

Formlabs White Paper: Post-Curing Prints
We set out to study the post-cure process in detail in order to optimize final mechanical properties of printed parts. Download the white paper to learn more.

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