What is Formlabs’ Pro Service Plan?

Professional users depend on a professional service to succeed with 3D printing. Formlabs delivers professional service with a personal touch through the Pro Service Plan (PSP). First introduced in 2015, PSP has helped thousands of customers successfully integrate stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing into their work environment.

The PSP includes four distinct services:

Customized online training session: Learn the ins and outs of the Form 2 right away, from operating the machine to setting up your workflow
Phone support line: Directly connect with our Pro Service engineers
Hot swap service: If your Form 2 needs to be returned to us for repair, we’ll immediately send over a replacement unit
Priority email support: Get faster responses to your emails compared to our standard support
Pro Service Plan is currently available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Who is the Pro Service Plan team?

Our Pro Service Plan team is ready to help you set up a seamless workflow with the Form 2. Our product experts are well versed in the insights, tips, and tricks you need to know to make the most of the features of your printer. They’ll help you quickly discover the best 3D printing workflow for your applications, ultimately speeding up development cycles and increasing print success.

For Claire, who works at the office in Boston, it’s always great to share insights about the printer: “I think the Form 2 is really an exceptional piece of engineering. Discussing the printer's hardware aspects in detail, such as peel forces on oriented models, has helped many of my customers adjust to stereolithography.”

Nicolas, who focuses on the French market, appreciates the personal exchange: “I am really happy to see how we developed from a Boston-based company to a global brand, offering our services in different languages.

Robert, working at the Berlin office agrees: “ It’s great to be in direct contact with my German-speaking customers. Often, they need to make fast decisions. Helping them on the phone while I give feedback on how to orient their models on PreForm immediately increases their print success rates.”

Sarah Levy, Formlabs user services lead, says: “We're thrilled that more and more users are taking advantage of Pro Service Plan and building relationships with our stellar team. When I started at Formlabs two years ago, about 10% of Form 2 users chose Pro Service Plan and we had two team members. Now, more than half of Form 2s sold have Pro Service Plan and the team is more than 15!"

Customized Online Training

When buying the Form 2, it’s important to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Customized live online training is an invaluable onboarding tool.

After purchasing the Pro Service Plan, schedule a 30-minute customized online training, tailored to the topics most relevant to your applications. From print preparation in PreForm software to printer maintenance and post-processing, the customized online training covers the most essential aspects of working with the Form 2.

Your trainer will also answer questions on individual applications, from engineering and design to dental or jewelry. Send your 3D models ahead and your trainer will talk in detail about how to maximize your print success.

To make the most of the training, book your time three to four weeks after practicing with the Form 2. Consider inviting several colleagues to the training and recording the session to review or share afterwards.

Watch a short example from our live video training.


Phone Support

When a printer unexpectedly stops, or when in doubt about print preparation, print settings, or post-processing, the Pro Services team is here to help and consult. Easily connect with the Pro Services team during business hours with dedicated phone support. As we offer hardware, software, and material updates on a regular basis, phone support is also a great way to get help with new features.

Formlabs Pro Service Engineer Nicolas assisted with some really exciting projects over the past few months via the phone. “I once helped an architecture company from Paris in a crucial moment: they needed to print four highly detailed models for a competition. We were in close contact and improved the orientation and print speed of the models. In the end, they had all models ready within less than two days—and they were really satisfied with the results!”


Hot Swap

We know that for many businesses, it’s crucial to be able to reliably plan 3D printing processes and schedules, and keep production downtime to a minimum.

We pride ourselves at the high reliability of the Form 2, with a consistently reported print success rate of over 90%. Multiple sensors control the ecosystem, such as temperature, resin level, or stress impacts on the model to avoid paused or failed prints. However, should your printer stop working, we’ll help to get you back up and running as fast as possible through troubleshooting support or Hot Swap.

By phone or email, the Pro Service team will provide detailed instructions and, in many cases, issues can be fixed by the customer on-site.

In some cases, the printer needs to be returned to our repair center to resolve a hardware issue. With Hot Swap, we’ll send you a replacement machine to keep, so that you can start printing again within two to seven days.


Priority Email

You’ll be at the top of the email chain with PSP support. Send an email to ask about anything from print preparation and post-processing to printer maintenance, and receive helpful responses, sometimes including short video tutorials, within half a business day.

You may also receive a link to one of our many guides, whitepapers, and blog posts. Browse our resources page to explore a range of tutorials.


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