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Formlabs Ambassadors are globally recognized 3D printing leaders who use Formlabs products and services to push boundaries, bring ideas to life, and create new solutions to existing problems.

Formlabs Ambassadors are engineers, designers, educators, dentists, and more.

From users who rely on a single printer for everyday prototyping or part production, to those leveraging print farms to create at scale, ambassadors all have one thing in common: they’re 3D printing experts who are passionate about Formlabs.

Ambassadors share their experiences and expertise with the larger 3D printing community, and get rewarded and recognized for it. 

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Our Ambassadors

Leah Aegerter

Digital Fabrication Lab Technician

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Snowmass Village, CO: Leah Aegerter is an artist and Instructor at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Leah uses digital fabrication as part of an interdisciplinary practice, and she believes that the most successful and exciting outcomes happen when 3D printing is used in combination with other processes, including traditional hand-crafting techniques. Leah incorporates many SLA materials including Draft and Clear Resins into her workflow for 3D design courses. Her students include instructors at other institutions who want to learn about the latest available tools and processes.

Aiman Akhtar


3D Smiths & Fungisaurs

Los Angeles, CA: Aiman Akhtar is a designer that wears many hats: digital sculptor, 3D printing expert, photographer, storyteller, animator, and video editor. The Form 2 is central to the 3D pitch maquette and toy development workflows of Aiman’s business, 3D Smiths. He uses it to prototype and test the physical engineering of ZBrush sculpts and prepare models for mass production by injection molding. He recently launched a series of mystery box toys called Fungisaurs. Aiman prototyped each of the 8 Fungisaurs characters on his Form 2, at least three times, until converging on final versions to have painted and sent to the injection molding factory.

Dani Clode

Lead Designer

The Third Thumb

London, UK: Dani Clode is a multi-disciplinary collaborative prosthetics designer investigating the perception and future architecture of our bodies. 3D printing provides the innovative materials and complex geometry options to work with unique body shapes. Her main project “The Third Thumb” is currently being developed for neuroscience research in collaboration with The Plasticity Lab at University College London. The main focus of the study is to explore the brain’s ability to adapt to augmentation.

Jocelyn DeSisto


Lot28 Design

Brooklyn, NY: Jocelyn DeSisto is one of the founders of the contemporary jewelry studio Lot28. Working at the intersection of art, science, and technology, Jocelyn’s designs are inspired by microbiology and rooted in the joy of discovery. Her luminous coral-like jewelry is printed with Formlabs Clear Resin, painted by hand, and set in hand fabricated sterling silver. Jocelyn discovered rapid prototyping while completing her BFA in Jewelry Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Now at Lot28, localized fabrication helps her on her mission to promote environmental sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Daniel De Leon


Lion Arts

Los Angeles, CA: Daniel is a passionate multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and upcoming filmmaker with a unique background in fine arts, digital design, and clinical emergency medicine. Daniel specializes in digital sculpting and 3D printing for visual effects in film and video games. He’s worked with top-tier brands including Amazon Studios, Netflix, Jurassic World, HBO’s WestWorld, and often asked to sculpt detailed anatomy. The Form 2 has extended Daniel’s reach from the digital world to the physical, working with clients on physical prototypes, functional props, collectable models, or beautifully detailed statues for private collections. 

Marco De Rossi

Research Fellow

Universitat Politècnica de València

Valencia, Spain: Marco is an industrial designer and researcher specializing in digital fabrication  at the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain. His everyday work involves quickly developing prototypes for lab tests and experimental equipment for research projects at the university. In addition, lots of people from many industries reach out to Marco in search of advice to solve design and manufacturing problems. Because of this, he has had the opportunity to implement 3D printing for many types of clients, from toy and chocolate manufacturers to hospitals.

Greg Gagnon

Clinical Engineering Respiratory Service Specialist

Baystate Health

Springfield, MA: Greg Gagnon is a Clinical Engineering and 3D Printing Specialist at Baystate Health. One of his daily responsibilities is 3D printing anatomy for patient education and pre-surgical planning. He uses these models to communicate with staff on novel surgical approaches which reduce OR times for staff and patients, improve accuracy, and increase patient confidence. Beyond replicating anatomy, Greg also helps to design and create custom surgical tools and guides for intraoperative use with members of Baystate’s surgical team. Depending on the project, Greg chooses from among Formlabs’ large library of resins and the Form 2 is his go-to printer.

Will Hilgenberg


Albatross Bikes

Scotts Valley, CA: Will works as a mechanical engineer in the cycling industry and started his own framebuilding company, Albatross Bikes. He got his start in 3D printing when looking for a way to quickly and easily prototype products before sending them into production. Formlabs printers are used in Will’s workflow to provide form and fit prototypes of segments of his bike frames, as well as accessories. This changed the way Albatross Bikes works in that they are now able to quickly and cheaply iterate on their designs and prove out our ideas in the physical world before committing to expensive tooling.

Dr. Mike Karlin

Assistant Prof. of Orthopedic Surgery

School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts

North Grafton, MA: Dr. Karlin is a member of the Department of Clinical Sciences and is an Assistant Professor in Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery at Tufts. Dr. Karlin splits his time between the orthopedic service in Foster Hospital for Small Animals and instructing clinical year students, interns, and residents. He uses his Formlabs printer clinically as well as for teaching, and a major benefit of his Formlabs printers is the ability to hit print and walk away! In his field, reliability is also key. When printing a bone for surgical planning, it needs to come out perfectly the first time, and his Form 2 hasn’t let him down. 

Michael Kononsky



Oslo, Norway: Michael Kononsky is an industrial designer with extensive experience in design for manufacturing. As eager hobbyist beer brewers, Michael and his business partner Pål Ingebrigtsen saw an opportunity in the worldwide popularity of craft breweries and  homebrewing - today in the US alone there are already over 1 million homebrewers! Together they developed the Plaato airlock, a device that measures fermentation activity in a brew without needing contact with the liquid itself. For Michael, 3D printing is a critical tool for developing both early stage ideas and advanced details of end-use designs. After creating more than 1,000 prototypes, the Plaato team created a design that won the prestigious Red Dot Award.

April Krivoniak

Biomedical Engineer

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA: April is a Biomedical Engineer at UPMC. April uses her Formlabs printer to 3D print anatomic models that physicians use for surgical planning, training of residents and fellows, and patient education. She also utilizes 3D printing to iterate on designs of patient-specific surgical instrumentation, while working with physicians to develop novel medical applications. April loves her Formlabs printer because it allows her to produce high-quality deliverables at a fraction of the cost of other commercially available printers, and it allows her to print delicate structures that would not be feasible on other printers.

Christophe Lambrecq

Managing Director

TechShop Ateliers Leroy Merlin

Paris, France: Christophe Lambrecq worked in the mold and tool industry for 20 years as a sales technician in the field of Electrical Discharge Machining. For the past 4 years, he has been managing the biggest Makerspace in France, Techshop Ateliers Leroy Merlin, a 600 square meter facility in the center of Paris dedicated to training and helping professionals, students, entrepreneurs with project analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing through classes, workshops and personalized help.