Prints in the Wild

First print by Jimmy Maidens

As we gear up for World Maker Faire NYC, we’ve been admiring all of the spectacular prints that the first 700-odd Form 1s have built. Want to have a look? Browse through the forums to check out some of the fantastic prints our users have shared online. Our first roundup featured some early highlights.

With more Form 1s going out every day, the forum galleries could see some rapid expansion. We expect to see some action out of Europe pretty soon!

Half scale Adirondack chairs printed on the Form 1 by Ron Woodward
First Print by Ron Woodward

Ron Woodward’s very first print on the Form 1 was a pair of 1/12-scale Adirondack chairs for his wife’s miniature fairy garden. Sweet - and, importantly for an outdoor miniature installation, waterproof!

Face Prints by Stephen Schirle
Face prints by Stephen Schirle

Sometimes, you can be surprised by your own prints, like what happened with Stephen Schirle’s first fractured faces and busts. They have their own surreal beauty - especially with a bit of post-processing spray paint. This bust sculpt, meanwhile, came out exactly as planned.

Dylan Jackson camera accessories
Some of my first prints by Dylan Jackson

Meanwhile in the functional-parts camp, Dylan Jackson has been building accessory equipment and mounts for his GoPro camera. Plus some missiles. You know, business as usual.

At the intersection of mini figures, optics, and photography lies this awesome photo of Jimmy Maidens’ first print, lit by laser light.

Robot Sharks by Ann Sidenblad
Robot Shark print by Ann Sidenblad

Ann Sidenblad printed this robot shark in three sizes, to show how fine details appear at smaller…wait for it… scales. Check out the full thread to see her build from start to finish.

Sparklepus by Greenlaw
First print: Sparklepus! by Greenlaw

Greenlaw, of the adorable unboxing video with his daughter Sienna at the end of our last roundup, broke in his Form 1 with a model he repurposed from a 3D-animated short film. Sparklepus, shown here in the middle of post-processing, is looking none the worse for wear for her transition from CGI to painted plastic!

Mobius Torus Net by Jeannie Woyansky
Mobius Torus Net by Jeannine Woyansky

This toroidal Mobius Voronoi network (that’s an afternoon in Wikipedia right there), designed by Bathsheba Grossman for fabrication in SLS powdered metal printers, came out great in Jeannine Woyansky’s build. A coating of Krylon metallic spray paint makes it shine.

Fix glasses with Form 1 3D printer
Successful prints of small parts by Brent O'Neill

Last but certainly not least, a utilitarian Form 1 print with some great documentation: Brent O’Neill’s broken glasses are broken no more. Brent, did you ever find that US quarter?

Thanks for sharing your prints, everyone! To the all-star posters featured here, we'll be dropping something in the mail for you soon. To see what we’ve been cooking, come visit us at MakerFaire NYC this weekend. We’ll be displaying some amazing prints from Robert Vignone (more on that later this week!).