The First Wave

We've been shipping Form 1s for a couple months now – and that means that our forums are starting to fill up with some of the amazing things that Form 1 owners have been printing. We took an (informal) poll around the office and these are some of our favorites!

As more and more of you get your printers every week, we hope you'll head over to the support forums and share your designs, prints, and Form spaces as well.

Each of you will have a Formlabs t-shirt in the mail soon! Thanks to all of you for sharing your awesome work.

mini wine glasses 3D printed on the Form 1
A Toast to the Form 1 (Luke Porter)

Luke Porter has been going to town, printing fantastic accessories for the figurines he carries at Luke's Toy Store. Take a look at his Iron Man too!

Jean Astie printed a gorgeous table – and then cleaned-it-up and painted it so amazingly well, that it's difficult to tell it's a model!

Jean Astie C-Table Print from the Form 1
C-Table Print (Jean Astie)

Gregg Wygonik gave his mini-robots the ultraviolet treatment:

Gregg Wygonik 3D Printed Mini Robots under UV light
Mini-robots under UV-light (courtesy of Gregg Wygonik)

Robert Vignone printed this beautiful sculpture, and posted shots of his painting and mounting job as well.

Robert Vignone 3D Print of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
Form 1 Sculpt (Robert Vignone)

Julien Lefebvre has gotten in on the action, with these painted sculpts below:

Two heads by Julien Lefebvre
Two heads

Tucker Spofford has given a new spin to his Settlers of Catan game, by printing out awesome new pieces:

GOT-inspired Catan Pieces (Tucker Spofford)

And finally, we wanted to give a shout-out to the best unboxing video we've ever seen for anything. Thanks, Greenlaw and Sienna, for sharing your experiences with your new “coffee maker.” You guys are great.

Unboxing The Form 1 With Greenlaw And Sienna from Little Green Dog on Vimeo.