Sci-Fi Inspired 3D Printed Fashion

Dec. 31, 2015 in Interviews , News

Professional 3D modeler Aiman Akhtar was recently commissioned by 3D World Magazine to create a unique print for each month of the year. Building upon months of smaller 3D printed objects, Aiman wanted his final project to encompass everything he had learned. He used the Form 1+ desktop 3D printer to create an elaborate Sci-Fi inspired outfit that could have only been made with stereolithography 3D printing.

Inspiration for the project included sci-fi movies and high-end runway fashion

After taking a 3D scan of his model, Jessica Dru Johnson, Aiman got to work designing the 3D printed top. He was able to use Jessica’s scan in ZBrush as a base to extract shapes and create concept designs with the outfit’s various components.

3D scan of model Jessica Dru Johnson wearing the cropped-top shirt

Aiman locked down his design for the dress and began printing. Using the high-resolution capabilities of the Form 1+, he first printed the core components of the clothing: the breastplates and straps. Aiman needed a printer that could capture the complex shapes of his design, which is why he turned to stereolithography with the Form 1+.

3D printed breastplate on the Form 1+

I love the detail I can get out of my Form 1+. My process is constantly evolving requiring a versatile and reliable high quality 3D printer.

Interlocking straps printed on the Form 1+

After a number of design iterations, Aiman decided to incorporate LED and optic fiber cables into the costume, adding to the uniqueness of the design. 3D printing allowed Aiman, a traditional 3D modeler to become a fashion designer, bringing his most elaborate 3D modeling to fruition.

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Check out Aiman’s new business,, a site that specializes in transforming 2D creations into 3D sculptures.

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