Resin Pump


Shipping time: Est. Jul 25 - 29

Resin Pumping System is an accessory for Form 3 Series stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers that seamlessly delivers 5 L of resin through a pumping system directly to the printer’s resin tank. Reduce waste by 86%, improve efficiency with less frequent cartridge changes, and unlock bulk pricing on Formlabs SLA resins.

  • Resin Pump
Resin Pumping System


Reduced Costs

Reduce total costs with bulk resin pricing — now available at 5 L volumes.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Print 5x longer, minimize printer interactions, and keep focused on what matters: creating, not managing printers.

Reduce Waste

Reduce packaging waste by 86% and minimize the hassle of empty cartridge disposal by purchasing resin in 5 L containers.

How It Works

The Resin Pumping System consists of two components: the Resin Pump and the 5 L Resin Container. The Resin Pump takes the place of the standard 1 L Resin Cartridge in the back or side of the printer. 

Each 5 L container ships with a Resin Card that goes inside the body of the Resin Pump and lets the printer know the contents of the external 5 L container.


Purchase Resin in 5 L Containers

The following resins are available now:

Other compatible* resins are available through custom orders and will require at least a 30 L** minimum order quantity.

*Resin Pumping System is compatible with most Formlabs Resins. Check the support site for more information.
**Some resins may have a higher minimum order quantity.