Meet the Form 3+

What's New With the Form 3+

A two minute intro of the key updates in the Form 3+.

Meet the Form 3+

High Quality Parts, Fast and Affordably

Reduce costs, iterate faster, and bring better experiences to market with our advanced 3D printing materials designed to deliver beautiful final parts for a wide range of applications.


Rapid Prototyping


Draft Resin

Print Cost


Print Time

4 hours

3d printed bike yoke

Note: Print time and cost will vary based on part geometry, material, layout, and orientation.

Truly Rapid Production




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Truly Rapid Production

Quickly go from design to finished part with the streamlined, end-to-end workflow of the Form 3+.


Laser Power


Layer Thickness


Rapid print speeds

A powerful, high-intensity laser and precisely tuned settings for every material deliver rapid print speeds.

Easy support removal

Enhanced light touch support structures detach from parts in seconds to save post-processing time.

An efficient ecosystem

Automated post-processing solutions simplify and streamline the entire 3D printing workflow.

Reliable High-Quality Parts

Clear Sample - Form 3+




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Reliable, High-Quality Parts

The Form 3+ refines Formlabs' patented LFS technology to consistently deliver presentation-ready parts with unbelievable surface finish.


XY Resolution


Laser Spot Size

Crisp, Clean, Accurate Features

The next generation of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing, LFS technology accurately resolves fine features by delivering a clean, uniform laser spot across the entire print surface.

Production-Like Surface Finish

A flexible resin tank and refinements to the Light Processing Unit (LPU) create near perfect alignment between printed layers, giving parts a production-like finish.

Adaptive Layer Technology

Adaptive Layer Thickness automatically analyzes the geometry of parts and assigns layer heights throughout to maximize print speeds while preserving fine detail.   

Maximum Efficiency

Form 3+




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Maximum Efficiency

The Form 3+ is rich with features that improve ease of use so you can spend more time ideating and less time monitoring your printer.

Print From Anywhere

Prepare your printer before you leave, then start jobs from anywhere with our cloud based Remote Print technology.

Minimal Printer Interactions

No specialized technicians required. Get started right away and let the printer do the work.

Hassle-Free Materials Management

Switch between a wide range of functional materials in seconds with our swappable resin cartridge and tank system. Form 3+ dispenses resin automatically as parts print.

The Form 3 Workflow

The Form 3+ Workflow in Five Minutes

Get more done and work more efficiently with an end-to-end 3D printing workflow. From printing, to post-processing, each step of the process was designed with efficiency in mind. 

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Prepare your parts for printing with PreForm, our free print preparation software.


Print your parts in just a few clicks on your Form 3+ desktop SLA 3D printer.


Insert the build platform directly into Form Wash after printing, for a consistent, automatic rinse.
Remove Part

Remove Part

Instantly release parts from the print surface with Build Platform 2 and our patented Quick Release Technology.
Remove Supports

Remove Supports

Enhanced light touch support structures detach from the parts in seconds.


Transfer the parts to the Form Cure to maximize material properties and ensure peak dimensional accuracy.
Quick Release Technology

Build Platform 2 with patented Quick Release Technology quickly and easily releases parts from the build platform without tools.

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Enhanced Light Touch Supports

Decrease post-processing time with our enhanced light touch supports structures that break off easier and cleaner than ever before.

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Achieve a Flawless Finish

Streamline your workflow and enhance surface finish with Formlabs’ curated set of Finishing Tools.

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100,000,000 Parts Printed With Formlabs Technology

Harvard University

Maximize Your 3D Printer Fleet’s Throughput with 24/7 Production

Reach new levels of productivity with a fully automated fleet of Form 3+ 3D printers that you can operate from anywhere. Skyrocket your ability to produce high-quality, affordable parts with 24/7 back-to-back production with Formlabs Automation Ecosystem: Form Auto, Fleet Control, and the High Volume Resin System.

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Start Scaling Your Prototyping and Production Today

With faster than ever print speeds, advancements in post-processing, and continued refinements in part quality, the Form 3+ allows you to quickly and reliably go from design to part in hand at an accessible price point.