Announcing PreForm Update 0.8.1

Three weeks after our initial release, we have our first software update for you! PreForm 0.8.1 is ready for download.

Our software team has been hard-at-work so we can quickly get you new updates, features and fixes, rather than making you wait for major releases. If you already have PreForm installed, the next time you open it, you will be notified that there are updates available for download. Otherwise, head over to our software page and grab the latest build.

PreForm 0.8.1 Improvements:

First, we’ve significantly enhanced print quality by improving the way in which we generate paths for self-intersecting and multi-body parts. Take a look at the before and after images below, showing the improved path performance. This change will help your Form 1 generate even smoother prints.

Before self-intersecting and multi-body path improvements:

Neptune model before PreForm update

And after our latest update:

Neptune model after PreForm update

In addition to that, we’ve made a number of other improvements:

  • - Minimized the visible “seam” that was sometimes seen from the top to bottom of a print
  • - Better text and icon rendering
  • - Reduced auto-generated support-structure collisions - More intelligent handling of models in different units or scales
  • - More natural view rotation when model is selected
  • - Multiple UI and other enhancements

PreForm 0.8.1 is available on our software page.