3D Print High-Definition Models and Props

Bypass traditional, time-consuming model and prop-making processes. 3D print accurate, high-resolution models with fine details and a smooth surface finish, saving time and money without sacrificing quality. In-house 3D printing is used by businesses around the world to create professional models for various applications such as dental models, movie props, educational tools, architecture models, and more. 

3D printed model

High-Resolution Models for Movies, Medical, and More

Creating models and props through traditional techniques can involve time-consuming processes like robotic milling, especially for larger pieces. In-house 3D printing enables you to take full control, from start to finish, making it easy to tweak your design process and make iterations. High-fidelity models will help you communicate with clients, bringing your digital creations to life like never before.

Your Digital Models Turned Into High-Definition Physical Reality

Never again wait weeks for a model to arrive from a service provider. Create hyper-realistic 3D models in a matter of hours, right on your desktop. Form 4 delivers incredible detail and seamless performance at an affordable price point.

3D Scan or Design
Step 1

3D Scan or Design

3D scan an existing model, use an MRI or intraoral scan, or design the model in a CAD program.
3D print
Step 2

3D Print

Import the CAD model to PreForm to prepare it for 3D printing. Send the file to the 3D printer to create your physical model.
Step 3


After printing, clean and cure your model using Form Wash & Form Cure. Depending on the model, you can paint the part.
Step 4


Present your model to an end-user, or use it internally to drive a project to completion. Easily print as many models as required for any given project.
Models printed with Formlabs 3D printers deliver incredible detail.

Models printed with Formlabs 3D printers deliver incredible detail.

Applications Across Various Fields

Formlabs users have printed over 40 million parts. Explore how our customers—at businesses of all sizes, across diverse industries—are leading the way by using in-house 3D printing to create high-resolution models.

A Powerful Library Of 3D Printing Materials For Any Industry

Formlabs' ecosystem of accessible 3D printers and high-performance materials empowers both laypeople and expert designers to create professional-level models and props.

Tools for Models and Props


Form 4

High Performance SLA 3D Printer

The Form 4 SLA 3D printer is powered by Low Force Display (LFD)™ technology, which ensures that you are able to create high resolution models and props in-house at an affordable price.

The Form 4 ensures that fine details such as holes, embossed text, and small features print with sharp edges. LFD enables the printing of parts with impressive surface detail and fine features once impossible to achieve on the desktop.

Form 4
Man Operating a Form 4 Desktop 3D Printer
injection molding & 3d printing
3D printed enclosure

Additional Resources About Models and Props

3D printing enables creators to fabricate highly detailed models and props with greater design freedom. 3D printed models are used in a wide range of industries; visit our resources page to find content for your industry. 

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