3D Printing Grants for Instruction

Formlabs is committed to enhancing the goals of teaching and learning with modern 3D printing technology. The Formlabs Academic Grant Program is intended to help academic institutions integrate the use of 3D printing into all levels of learning, from secondary school to university. Applications for 3D printing are expanding into a wide variety of design disciplines, from prototyping parts and assemblies for robots, to creating prosthetic limbs. Understanding how to create 3D models helps students solve engineering design problems and master the fundamentals of product development. In fabrication labs around the world, students are using the Form 2 to explore professional, real world production and design processes.

Formlabs invites all accredited undergraduate academic institutions to apply for a Formlabs Academic Grant. The Grant consists of a Form 2 Basic Education Package, and includes:

  • Form 2 3D Printer
  • Finish Kit
  • Resin Tank
  • Build Platform
  • One Year Warranty
  • 1L Standard Resin

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1. Accredited academic institutions, including high schools, technical colleges, universities (research labs are not eligible).
2. One grant application per institution, per year, please.
3. Submissions must provide a link to the institution applying for the grant, and include complete contact information for the instructor and/or lab manager, institution, and the name of the course or program (name, full shipping address, building, email, phone).
4. No application deadline; rolling applications are accepted. Formlabs will award one Academic Grant per quarter.
5. The Grant Program is available to the global academic community.
6. Please submit Grant applications in English.

Please complete the application form on this page and click 'Submit'. Include a PDF of your program, course outline and objectives, corresponding images files and photos, and an .STL or .OBJ file that's relevant to your program.

Please include the following information in your Grant submission:

  • Summary
  • Objectives
  • Instructional (grade) level
  • Industry focus: for example, consumer products, robotics, machine design, medical, etc.
  • Tools and Materials Inventory
  • Project or course title
  • Project or course outline
  • Project or course learning objectives
  • Name(s) of any CAD applications used
  • The project must include 2+ photos
  • The project must include STL or OBJ files
  • Time frame for completion; how long to teach and/or complete the course?
  • List of ancillary instructional materials used (textbooks, videos, courseware, etc.)

3D Printing Grant Application 

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