Formlabs Services

Our Formlabs Services team has helped thousands of customers 3D print successfully. In addition to on-demand support resources, we provide customer care and a minimum one-year warranty to each and every Formlabs 3D printer and offer several additional service and warranty packages to meet your needs. Review the options to learn more about how we can help you succeed with high-quality 3D printing.

Service Plans for Professionals

Tailored for professionals, these premier support service plans are designed to meet the needs of your business and deliver a rapid response to critical issues. Our Service Plans are backed by a dedicated team of certified workflow-trained support representatives.

We Speak Your Language

Our team of service engineers supports you from Boston and Berlin for extended business hours. We provide frontline support in five core languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.  

Humans helping humans

When you contact Formlabs Services, you’ll be working together with one of our experts. We know Formlabs 3D printers inside and out, and understand what it feels like to run into problems.

Direct Phone and Priority Email Support

You're our priority. Shoot us an email, and our expert team will respond within half a business day, on average 80% faster than for standard customer care.

Have an urgent question? As a service plan customer, you have a direct line to a Service Engineer to help you one-on-one. Call us Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm ET and CET.

Customized Training Session

Learn the ins and outs of 3D printing with a training session customized to you. After purchasing a printer and a service plan, book a 60 to 90-minute video chat with a workflow-trained support representative. They will give you a general introduction and cover pre-print preparation in PreForm software, maintenance of the printer, post-processing various materials, and answer any questions you might have. You can also send your own models to the trainer in advance and discuss during the training how you can print them successfully.

Formlabs offers some next-level training and support which is considered like you are always having an expert by your side to help you in any situation. Those facts are a game-changer for us.

Bian Paul Sauperl
Corona Dentis, Dental Service Plan Customer

Hot Swap Replacement Printer

If our team determines that your printer needs to be repaired or replaced, we will replace it immediately. Once the replacement printer arrives, all you have to do is pack the defective printer and we will organize the collection.

This allows service plan customers to cut downtime without a 3D printer by 85% on average.

We are really happy with the print quality and technical support we receive from Formlabs, the service is excellent. Responses are quick and helpful and when we had an issue that we couldn’t resolve ourselves, we were able to get a hot swap printer as part of our Pro Service Plan membership.

Kals Wilde
Director, JR Design + Fabrication, Pro Service Plan Customer

Service Plan and Warranty Benefits Overview

Our premier support service plans include printer replacement and a list of proactive and reactive support services. See the detailed breakdown of the benefits below.

Customer CareExtended WarrantyPro Service Plan (PSP)Dental Service Plan (DSP)Medical Service Plan (MSP)Enterprise Service Plan (ESP)
Printer Replacement Services
Printer / Component ReplacementXXXXX
Hot SwapXXXX
Spare Part KitX
Reserve PrinterFleet > 20
Extended WarrantyIncluded, up to 3 yearsIncluded, up to 3 yearsIncluded, up to 3 yearsIncluded, up to 3 yearsIncluded, up to 3 years
Reactive Support Services
Chat SupportXXXXXX
Email SupportXXXXXX
Phone SupportXXXX
Priority Email SupportXXXX
Workflow-Trained Support RepresentativesXXX
Expedited Repair DiagnosisXXX
Proactive Support Services
Live, Customized Training60 min90 min90 min120 min
Assigned Support RepresentativeX
Expedited TroubleshootingXXX
Proactive Check-InsBi-AnnualBi-AnnualQuarterly
Tailored Release NotesX
Remote Printer Health MonitoringQuarterly
Quarterly Fleet ReviewQuarterly
Upgrade Planning SupportX

* MSP and ESP are only available in the United States and Canada. Read the full terms of service.

Service Plan and Warranty Pricing

You can add service plans and additional coverage beyond the standard one-year warranty to any of our printer packages. Buy a service plan in a package with your Formlabs printer to save money and be covered for up to 3 years.

Form 3Form 3B
Basic package
incl. Accessories
1 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $197
2 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $98
benefit: $446
3 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $296
benefit: $944
Complete Package
incl. Accessories & Post-Processing
1 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $48
benefit: $395
2 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $295
benefit: $644
3 Year
Warranty & Service Plan
benefit: $493
benefit: $1,142

Pro Service Plan (PSP)

Premier support service is designed to meet the needs of your business and deliver rapid response to critical issues. 

Dental Service Plan (DSP)

Our Dental Service Plan (DSP) is backed by a dedicated team of certified Dental Support Specialists who know exactly how to meet the specialized demands of dental professionals. Includes personalized onboarding training, proactive check-ins, and the best phone and email support in the industry.

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

Premium 3D printing support, made for medical professionals. Behind our Medical Service Plan is a dedicated team of certified medical 3D printing specialists who know exactly how to support your healthcare facility.

Enterprise Service Plan (ESP)

Designed to provide maximum uptime, this top tier service enables production teams to partner with a dedicated contact to keep their fleet healthy with advanced training, hardware options, and remote monitoring when available.

Get in touch with our sales team to learn more.

Consulting and Collaborative R&D

Whether you're a long-time Formlabs customer or recently bought a printer, a team of Formlabs experts will help you discover and implement new applications for 3D printing.

Submit a Request

Submit a request to our support team. Make sure to follow our guidelines to submitting a request, and include details and photos of the problem you’re having so that we can help you as effectively as possible.