Happy Halloween!

Robert Vignone's skull print is ready for its close-up.

Something about being able to create literally anything somehow drives people — especially Form 1 users — to make the most mind-bendingly creepy stuff. It’s Halloween, and we’re happy to show off some of the spookiest builds that have shown up in our forums.

Jimmy Maidens' pumpkinheaded figurine
Jimmy Maidens' pumpkinheaded figurine

This tiny pumpkinhead, based on Jimmy Maidens’ own character design, is Jimmy’s first foray into model painting — not that we could tell!

Zombie cell phone stand by John Hamm
John Hamm’s metallic-finish zombie cell phone stand, designed by 3DNeksus on cgtrader

All this zombie wants to do is hold your smart phone. Or eat your braaaaaaiiiiiins.

Refurbished Splatterhouse Arcade game
Clay Cowgill's refurbished Splatterhouse arcade game

This refurbished late-80s arcade game features a Form 1-printed femur for a macabre joystick. Clay Cowgill also used Form 1 builds as mold bases for the game’s lettering. Check out his forum post for a detailed breakdown of the fabrication, plus more process photos!

Our clear resin’s black-light fluorescence gives some models an extra touch of the supernatural:

Ball jointed figure and Running Troll 3D printed models
Left, Catherine Hajek’s ball-jointed figure under UV; right, Bryan Haven’s running troll just might be radioactive.

Join the party in Brad Barron's themed thread with your own holiday prints, and keep an eye on the Formlabs Facebook and Twitter for more highlights. Happy Halloween, everyone!