The Form 1 in Gadget Paradise: CES 2013

The Form Team is well into the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Other than sore feet (note to self: get thicker carpet for the booth next year), we’ve had an awesome time exploring the endless halls of enormous TVs, cameras, stereos and myriad other toys that encompass a gadget lover’s dream. But no such fantasy would be complete without the latest in personal fabrication.

3D printing has made waves at CES for the past several years, and the Form 1 has been no exception. Throngs of Form-loving professionals have constantly crowded the booth to be dazzled by the laser light show that is 3D printing with stereolithography. We’ve especially enjoyed giving a high five to the Kickstarter backers who dropped by to see their soon-to-arrive prize.

Unsurprisingly, the Form-tastic action has grown well beyond the Form Booth. Our friends at Techcrunch, for example, invited our co-founder, Max, onto their stage for a great interview with John Biggs. Not to miss out on the Form 1, Brian Heater and James Trew of Engadget hosted Max on its center stage. Even USA Today dropped by the booth for an interview with Form Team member Luke Winston.

Virginia from Formlabs at CES 2013
Jenni from Formlabs at CES 2013
Luke from Formlabs at CES 2013
3d printed sphere emerging from resin