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The resources in this course are curated to anticipate the questions you’ll have as you implement 3D printing into your workflow. Use this course to save time while gaining proficiency in all of the skills necessary throughout the entire print process. These skills include scanning and design, print preparation, printing, and post-processing.

Follow along step-by-step for thorough instruction, or select individual resources most relevant to your needs or learning style.



Learn in Context

Skateboarding STEAM Curriculum

Learn from Paul Schmitt, the “Godfather” of modern-day skateboard deck manufacturing, about how his educational initiative “Create a Skate” teaches students where products come from and fosters a hands-on, accessible approach to tech.

Learn about:

  • Paul Schmitt’s ideology on manufacturing and engineering coursework
  • How 3D printing can help students better understand how products are brought to life
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Applications and Implementation of 3D Printing in Education

In this webinar, learn best practices for implementing 3D printing into a fabrication lab or makerspace with MIT shop manager, Chris Haynes.


  • Top applications of 3D printing for research and education
  • Different 3D printing technologies and how they compare
  • Required tools for each 3D printing technology
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Fab Labs and Advanced Manufacturing Education

Learn how Somerville High School is redefining “vo-tech” with it’s CTE program, and preparing students for in-demand careers.

Learn to:

  • Tie 3D modeling and CAD to digital fabrication
  • Communicate the value of engineering and manufacturing curriculum in your school
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Incentives and Ingredients for Building a Makerspace

Is your school building a makerspace? Learn what makes makerspaces successful and how to replicate this in your school or lab.


  • What makes a makerspace successful
  • Who should create a makerspace
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Scaling a Fab Lab from FDM to SLA 3D Printing

Learn how Montclair State University scaled 3D printing technologies in their fab lab to more closely replicate real-world design processes.

Learn to:

  • Incorporate FDM and SLA technologies in the same lab or curriculum
  • Understand why and when to transition from FDM to SLA technology
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Creating a Successful Fab Lab

Learn how professor Jason Roth transformed an Ivy Tech learning space into a functional environment conducive to design and engineering programs.

Learn to:

  • Design a workspace that facilitates collaboration
  • Invest in tools that enhance engineering curriculum and mirror real-world processes
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Manage Multiple 3D Printers

Learn the unique demands of managing multiple 3D printers to increase productivity while growing your 3D printing capacity.

Learn to:

  • Configure a multi-printer lab or workspace
  • Acquire and manage consumables and essential supplies
  • Understand the 3D printing process at scale
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