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Build a Foundation

Step 1: Unboxing and Setup

Review this unboxing video before your Form 2 arrives. Become acquainted with the components in your printer and prepare to start printing.

Learn to:

  • Identify core printer components
  • Install your Resin Tank, Build Platform, and Resin Cartridge


Step 2: Dashboard Registration and Setup

Step 2: Dashboard Registration and Setup

In this video, you'll learn to configure a Dashboard account and 3D print more efficiently by tracking print progress, material consumption, order statuses, and more.

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Step 3: Introduction to PreForm

Practice using PreForm, Formlabs’ print preparation software, to increase print quality and success.

Learn to:

  • Navigate the PreForm 3D workspace
  • Locate and use core tools and menus
  • Prepare models for 3D printing and send them to your printer


Step 4: Optimizing Part Orientation

Increase print success and save time and material costs by gaining an intimate understanding of how part orientation impacts your prints.

Learn to:

  • Apply advanced support generation tools
  • Orient parts for print success and reliability


Step 5: Making Models Printable

Save time and avoid frustration during the file repair process by learning how to use powerful mesh repair tools in Autodesk Meshmixer.

Learn to address:

  • Missing faces
  • Zero thickness areas
  • Non-manifold meshes and more


Step 6: Post-Processing Basics

Maintain an effective post-processing workflow to save time and to ensure consistent results when finishing printed parts.

Learn to:

  • Remove printed parts using the build platform jig and the print removal tool
  • Agitate and soak prints in IPA to remove excess resin
  • Remove support structures using flush cutters
  • Post-cure parts when necessary or useful
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Learn in Context

Skateboarding STEAM Curriculum

Learn from Paul Schmitt, the “Godfather” of modern-day skateboard deck manufacturing, about how his educational initiative “Create a Skate” teaches students where products come from and fosters a hands-on, accessible approach to tech.

Learn about:

  • Paul Schmitt’s ideology on manufacturing and engineering coursework
  • How 3D printing can help students better understand how products are brought to life
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Manage Multiple 3D Printers

Learn the unique demands of managing multiple 3D printers to increase productivity while growing your 3D printing capacity.

Learn to:

  • Configure a multi-printer lab or workspace
  • Acquire and manage consumables and essential supplies
  • Understand the 3D printing process at scale
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Creating a Successful Fab Lab

Learn how professor Jason Roth transformed an Ivy Tech learning space into a functional environment conducive to design and engineering programs.

Learn to:

  • Design a workspace that facilitates collaboration
  • Invest in tools that enhance engineering curriculum and mirror real-world processes
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Scaling a Fab Lab from FDM to SLA 3D Printing

Learn how Montclair State University scaled 3D printing technologies in their fab lab to more closely replicate real-world design processes.

Learn to:

  • Incorporate FDM and SLA technologies in the same lab or curriculum
  • Understand why and when to transition from FDM to SLA technology
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Incentives and Ingredients for Building a Makerspace

Is your school building a makerspace? Learn what makes makerspaces successful and how to replicate this in your school or lab.


  • What makes a makerspace successful
  • Who should create a makerspace
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Fab Labs and Advanced Manufacturing Education

Learn how Somerville High School is redefining “vo-tech” with it’s CTE program, and preparing students for in-demand careers.

Learn to:

  • Tie 3D modeling and CAD to digital fabrication
  • Communicate the value of engineering and manufacturing curriculum in your school
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Applications and Implementation of 3D Printing in Education

In this webinar, learn best practices for implementing 3D printing into a fabrication lab or makerspace with MIT shop manager, Chris Haynes.


  • Top applications of 3D printing for research and education
  • Different 3D printing technologies and how they compare
  • Required tools for each 3D printing technology
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