Begin Your Jewelry Learning Pathway


Learn how to incorporate 3D printing into your existing jewelry workflow. Review these curated resources to save time and effort when unboxing, designing, casting, and finding casting partners for 3D printed parts.

Follow along step-by-step for thorough instruction, or select individual resources most relevant to your needs or learning style.


Build a Foundation

Step 1: Unboxing and Setup

Review this unboxing video before your Form 2 arrives. Become acquainted with the components in your printer and prepare to start printing.

Learn to:

  • Identify core printer components
  • Install your Resin Tank, Build Platform, and Resin Cartridge


Step 2: Dashboard Registration and Setup

In this video, you'll learn to configure a Dashboard account and 3D print more efficiently by tracking print progress, material consumption, order statuses, and more.

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Step 3: Introduction to PreForm

Practice using PreForm, Formlabs’ print preparation software, to increase print quality and success.

Learn to:

  • Navigate the PreForm 3D workspace
  • Locate and use core tools and menus
  • Prepare models for 3D printing and send them to your printer


Step 4: Optimizing Part Orientation

Increase print success and save time and material costs by gaining an intimate understanding of how part orientation impacts your prints.

Learn to:

  • Apply advanced support generation tools
  • Orient parts for print success and reliability


Step 5: Making Models Printable

Save time and avoid frustration during the file repair process by learning how to use powerful mesh repair tools in Autodesk Meshmixer.

Learn to address:

  • Missing faces
  • Zero thickness areas
  • Non-manifold meshes and more


Step 6: Post-Processing Basics

Maintain an effective post-processing workflow to save time and to ensure consistent results when finishing printed parts.

Learn to:

  • Remove printed parts using the build platform jig and the print removal tool
  • Agitate and soak prints in IPA to remove excess resin
  • Remove support structures using flush cutters
  • Post-cure parts when necessary (not necessary with Castable Wax Resin)
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3D Printed Jewelry Craftsmanship

Watch a brief overview of the workflow for using 3D printing to create jewelry.

Learn to:

  • Recognize elements of one process for using 3D printing to create jewelry
  • Understand a high-level step-by-step workflow for 3D printing in jewelry


Design for 3D Printing

Jewelry Design for 3D Printing

Ensure designs will print and cast properly by learning basic parameters for design, supports, and orientation when printing with Formlabs Castable Wax Resin.

Learn to:

  • Understand the mechanics of 3D printing that impact printing and casting success
  • Design models for printability and castability
  • Orient and support your models in PreForm for printing success
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Learn about Formlabs Materials

Learn to Choose the Right Materials

Gain a deeper understanding of the properties and functions of each Formlabs resin and learn which are best for your applications.

Learn to:

  • Identify the resins you will use most frequently
  • Understand the material properties of individual resins
  • Understand printing and post-processing requirements of each resin you use
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Castable Resin and the Burnout Process

Use this guide to successfully print, post-process, and cast parts printed in Formlabs Castable Wax and Castable Resin.

Learn to:

  • Understand the differences between wax and resin burnout
  • Design parts for casting
  • Prepare molds and successfully burn out prints
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Learn in Context

Vulcanized Rubber Casting with 3D Printed Masters

Read how vulcanized rubber casting provides an option to produce molds and casting masters in quantity for investment casting of metal parts.

Learn to:

  • Fabricate metal parts using 3D printing
  • Methods and results from Formlabs’ test of material compatibilities for rubber moldmaking
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3D Printing Your Engagement Ring

Find inspiration in four examples of design, printing, and casting engagement rings.

Learn to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of creating jewelry from parts printed in Castable Resin
  • Apply basic concepts to varying jewelry designs
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Finding Casting Partners

Avoid trial and error and learn to develop relationships with casting houses that can provide reliable, quality casts using Formlabs Castable Resin.

Learn to:

  • Experiment with different casting houses
  • Communicate finishing needs
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Scale your Capacity

Manage Multiple 3D Printers

Learn the unique demands of managing multiple 3D printers to increase productivity while growing your 3D printing capacity.

Learn to:

  • Configure a multi-printer lab or workspace
  • Acquire and manage consumables and essential supplies
  • Understand the 3D printing process at scale
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