Innovation and Research 3D Printing Grant

Are you part of an educational institution that is working on a project at the cutting edge of technology and research? The Formlabs Education Grant is an opportunity for educational labs to receive a Form 2 for their research facility by sharing a project that will benefit from the use of a 3D printer.

There are no limits to the applications of 3D printing in research. Our customers in education are using the Form 2 to push research boundaries by creating 3D models, prototypes, and custom tools that would otherwise be too costly or complex to produce. For example, researchers from the Indiana University School of Dentistry who specialize in maxillofacial prosthetics used the Form 2 to create an artificial jaw for a cancer survivor. Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne used the Form 2 and electroplating technology to create a macroscopic beam splitter that allowed them to study molecular interactions at -273.15 °C.

This grant is open to all accredited educational institutions in any department. Submit a detailed project outline or proposal that your lab is working on to be considered.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are accepting rolling applications and will award the grant to approximately one lab or educational facility per quarter.

AWARD: Form 2 Basic Package

  • Form 2 3D Printer
  • Finish Kit
  • Resin Tank
  • Build Platform
  • One Year Warranty
  • 1L Standard Resin
  • Autodesk prize package

Learn More About the Form 2

1. Must be an accredited educational facility
2. One grant application per lab, per year
3. Entrants must provide a link to the lab or facility applying for the scholarship and the lab manager’s name and contact information
4. No application deadline; rolling applications are accepted and we will award the scholarship to one lab per quarter
5. The grant is open worldwide to anywhere Formlabs ships
6. Please submit projects in English

Fill out the application form on this page and click 'Submit'. Please include a PDF of your project, any photos you want to show us, and an .STL or .OBJ file that's relevant to your project.

Suggested Project Inclusions

  • Summary
  • Objectives
  • Suggested Audience
  • Subject and Industry Links
  • Tools and Materials
  • Project Overview
  • Project Activities
  • Project Results
  • Project must include 2+ photos
  • Project must include STL or OBJ files

3D Printing Grant Application 

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