Custom Tray Resin 1 L


Our library of Dental Resins enables dental practices and labs to rapidly manufacture a range of dental products in-house, from biocompatible surgical guides and splints to fixed prosthetic and clear aligner models.

Custom Tray Resin is a fast-printing biocompatible material used to directly print custom impression trays for implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, and other comprehensive cases. Digitally manufactured impression trays provide consistent, accurate impressions for high-quality dentistry. Custom Tray Resin prints full impression trays quickly using 200 micron layer heights, reducing labor time and enabling higher throughput.

Download our Application Guide to learn the complete workflow and best practices for making 3D printed custom impression trays.

Available for Form 3B, Form 2. Not compatible with Form 3.
Supports print resolutions: 200 microns
Post-curing required.
Compatible with any Form 3/3B Resin Tank
Requires Resin Tank LT for Form 2.

  • Custom Tray Resin 1 L
Impression trays produced with Custom Tray Resin

Why Choose Custom Tray Resin?

Custom Tray Resin is a production-ready material that enables highly accurate definitive impressions.

High Throughput

Print full impression trays quickly using 200 micron layer heights, reducing labor time.


Provide consistent and accurate impressions for patient-matched trays with a digital workflow.

Made-to Measure

Create ideally fit definitive models for complex cases.


Provide the patient and clinician the peace of mind they deserve.


Leverage Custom Tray Resin to take highly accurate definitive impressions for crown and bridge, implant, dentures, and comprehensive cases.

Consider Custom Tray Resin for:

Impression Trays

Material Properties*

Custom Tray Resin

Ultimate Tensile Strength

≥ 70 MPa

Young's Modulus

> 2500 MPa


> 3%

Hardness Shore A

< 80A

* Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature. Data for post-cured samples were measured on Type IV tensile bars printed on a Form 2 printer with 200 μm Custom Tray Resin settings, washed in a Form Wash for 10 minutes in ≥99% Isopropyl Alcohol, and post-cured at 60°C for 30 minutes in a Form Cure.


Form Wash Settings


10 min in IPA


To ensure that finished parts are biocompatible, follow all part washing notes in the Instructions for Use. Maintain separate wash buckets for biocompatible materials.

Form Cure Settings


30 min



60 °C


Post-curing as recommended in the material-specific Instructions for Use is required to ensure optimal performance and biocompatibility of 3D printed dental appliances.