Set Up Your Finish Kit

The Finish Kit provides helpful tools for finishing your prints.

Included in the Kit

1. Rinse Station

Holds the rinse buckets, and has flip lids for easy one-handed operation.

2. Rinse Buckets

Two large buckets to be partially filled with isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

3. Rinse Basket

Transfer parts from one bucket to the next with one hand. The basket can rest on the edge of the rinse bucket to allow your parts to drip.

4. Rinse Bottle

Keep fresh IPA for rinsing prints and cleaning internal channels.

5. Finishing Tray

Provides a catch-all workspace for resin or IPA drips, and a place to rest sticky parts and tools.

6. Tweezers

Use to carefully remove unwanted cured material from the resin tank.

7. Scraper

Can be used to remove parts from the build platform as well as carefully cleaning and inspecting the resin tank for cured material.

8. Removal Tool

Use under the “quick release tabs” generated by PreForm to release the base of your parts from the build platform.

9. Jig

Provides a place to secure the build platform as you work on removing your print. See the reverse side for more instructions on using the jig.

10. Flush Cutters

Use to carefully remove support tips from your prints.

11. Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Wear gloves when removing and finishing your prints.

Using the Jig

Attaching the Build Platform to the Jig

With your print facing upwards, push the build platform onto the jig until it sits secure.

Orientations of the Build Platform Jig

Use the jig as a place to rest the build platform. For parts that are difficult to remove, you can hold the jig at an angle and apply more force.

Printer Maintenance Tools

Microfiber Cloth

Use to remove fingerprints or smudges from the underside of your resin tank. Do not use on first surface mirrors inside your printer.

PEC*PAD Contaminant Free Wipes

Use to clean the delicate optical mirrors, only when instructed by Formlabs Support. Attempting to clean your mirrors without guidance or using other products may permanently damage your mirrors and void your warranty.

You will also need:

90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). IPA works as a solvent to remove leftover uncured resin from your print. Learn more.
Paper Towels. Great for catching resin drips and wiping down surfaces.

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