Tracking Prints with Dashboard

Dashboard allows you to remotely monitor your Form 2 printers, track material usage, and explore past and future Formlabs purchases. To log in, click “Dashboard” at the top of formlabs.com, and then enter your e-mail address and password. The Dashboard serves as a control panel to monitor Form 2 activity.


By registering your Form 2 printer(s) to Dashboard you can:

  • Remotely monitor print progress
  • Review and download a record of previous print jobs
  • Configure SMS or email notifications for events like prints started or finished
  • Check which printers are available and ready to print

Adding Printers to Dashboard

Register the Form 2 to Dashboard through the touchscreen on the printer or through PreForm with a USB connection.

Register through the Form 2 touchscreen

With firmware version 1.4 and newer, connect a Form 2 to Dashboard by securing a personal registration code from the Form 2’s Settings menu and inputting the code in the Dashboard online.

  1. Ensure the Form 2 firmware is up to date.
  2. Access the Settings menu on the Form 2 touchscreen, then scroll down to find and open “Register to Dashboard.” Dashboard registration within touchscreen Settings menu
  3. Select “Register to Dashboard”. Register with Dashboard window
  4. The touchscreen will display a custom registration code: a sequence of 4 alphanumeric characters, 0-9 and A-Z. Customer registration code
  5. Open Dashboard online at formlabs.com/dashboard. Input the code on the Dashboard home screen or by opening Settings and selecting “+ Register a Printer”. Formlabs.com online Dashboard registration code entry
  6. Confirm the printer's registration with the online Dashboard and the printer's touchscreen message. Successful dashboard registration

Register through PreForm

Dashboard registration can also be completed through PreForm. This method initially requires a USB connection. Connect to your Form 2 directly by following the prompts from PreForm:

  1. To connect additional printers, use a USB cable to connect the Form 2 to a computer with the latest PreForm installed.
  2. From the File menu of PreForm, select “Printers,” then select the serial name of the Form 2 you would like to add to your Dashboard.
  3. Select “Advanced,” then click “Register” to enter your email address.
  4. Follow the email instructions to complete each printer's registration with Dashboard.


Your Dashboard account uses the same log-in credentials to access orders and saved addresses for the Form Store, as well as your newsletter and mailing preferences.

To display each printer's live status and print jobs, connect the Form 2 to the internet and enable Dashboard Logging from the “Settings” panel of the Form 2 touchscreen. For prints uploaded with a USB connection, the Form 2 requires a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection for Dashboard to monitor activity. For each registered printer, Dashboard displays print statistics for personal record keeping and managing the printer's activity. View the print progress bar to see the file name and print settings when a printer is actively printing.

Use Dashboard to monitor print progress and analyze print data
Use Dashboard to monitor print progress and analyze print data for all registered and network-connected Form 2 printers.

Managing Materials

Beyond tracking prints and print data, Dashboard’s Materials page tracks the resin cartridges that are associated with each printer. From the Materials tab, view the types of resin, number of prints, and quantity of liters printed for all printers associated with your account. The Dashboard will also display the estimated resin remaining for each cartridge that’s been used with the printer; the cartridge’s estimated resin level is based on the amount of additional resin sensed by the tank with each dispense cycle. When a resin cartridge is running low, Dashboard includes the option to place an order for additional cartridges.

Manage materials inventory and resin consumption through the Formlabs Dashboard
Manage materials inventory and resin consumption through the Formlabs Dashboard.

Dashboard offers various options for viewing the overall and individual print data. Toggle the list and gallery view options to adjust the Past Prints display. Click on a specific print to see an enlarged render of the printed model and details about the print's start time, duration, resolution, layer count, and volume. For hands-on data manipulation, take advantage of the “Download print data” option, which creates a .CSV including all past prints.

Explore the Dashboard's gallery and list views, or download print data, to track prints on each registered Form 2
Explore the Dashboard's list and gallery views - displayed above left and right, respectively - or download print data, to track prints on each registered Form 2.

Providing Data Feedback to Formlabs

In order to view your print data on Dashboard, Dashboard Logging is automatically enabled from the “Settings” panel of the Form 2 touchscreen. Dashboard Logging grants you online access to your print times and volumes, resin types, and enables you to track the outcome of each print job. The 3D model geometries are kept securely on your computer or printer, and these will never be shared with Formlabs or outside parties.

Sharing data to Dashboard requires a separate permission from PreForm's data sharing option. Toggle PreForm's data collection setting from the PreForm menu bar by selecting “Help > Help Improve PreForm…” For specific details on data sharing and access, please visit formlabs.com/privacy.

Notifications and Preferences

Connecting each printer to Dashboard enables SMS or email notifications to notify you when a print is started, finished, or aborted. To configure your notification preferences, click on “Edit Notifications” or visit the Settings page. Enter your email and phone number, then select which types of notifications you would like to receive via email or text message. Remember to Save Notification Settings whenever making changes.

Use Dashboard to manage notification preferences for Form 2 printing events
Use Dashboard to manage notification preferences for Form 2 printing events.
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