Mass Customization With 3D Printing

The holy grail of producing customized products in large volumes is now a reality. With 3D printing, you can scale personalized products for mass-market opportunities without drastically increasing operational costs and delivery timelines. 

Build Strong, Lasting, and Lucrative Relationships With Your Customers

Leverage mass customization to drive innovation and explore new direct-to-customer business models to increase margins and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Workflows Just as Custom as Your Final Products

Mix and match innovative technologies like product configurators, 3D printing, and automation, and combine them with traditional tools and processes to manufacture mass customized products at an affordable cost.

Step 1


Provide configuration options to customers, create a customizable design in CAD, or create a custom-fit design based on a 3D scan of an existing model, an MRI scan, or an intraoral scan.
Step 2


Produce end-use parts directly with 3D printing or utilize 3D printed rapid tooling with your traditional manufacturing methods. Post-processing and finishing can add additional personalization options and enable longer-lasting products. Forget about the design restrictions of traditional processes—custom parts and complex designs can be produced with 3D printing in a cost-efficient manner.
Step 3


Use the customized part as a component or sub-assembly in manufacturing, or as an individual product, just as you'd use a part produced with traditional tools. Combine the custom part with off-the-shelf components to keep costs at bay and leverage robotics and automation tools to improve the efficiency of production.
Scale Up and Be Agile
Step 4

Scale Up and Be Agile

Scale up as the demand grows without excessive equipment costs, diversify your operations, and answer to the market and your customers faster than your competition without needing to invest in costly tooling changes.

Explore Mass Customization Applications

Consumer Products

Unlock mass customization and personalization for product innovation.

  • Personalization
  • Products tailored to the customer's body
  • Complex designs
hasbro mass customized toy

The Freedom to Design and Manufacture High-Performance Custom Products

Formlabs Factory Solutions is 3D printing reimagined to build the factory of the future for demanding industrial applications.

Build your factory the way you want it with intuitive tools, transparent pricing, and proven processes. Take control of your production infrastructure with additive manufacturing for high-throughput applications. With scalable hardware, world-class materials development, and a team of interdisciplinary experts, Formlabs is here to help you make the factory of the future an immediate reality.

Tools to Get Started 3D Printing End-Use Parts

Formlabs' ecosystem of accessible 3D printers and high-performance materials offers solutions for a wide range of end-use applications.

Tools for End-Use Parts


Form 4

High Performance SLA 3D Printer

The Form 4 produces parts with a high-quality surface finish and fine features, ensuring that your parts are created fast and true to design with minimal post-processing.

From 3D printing end-use parts to producing rapid tooling for traditional manufacturing techniques, the Formlabs ecosystem is easy to integrate into any production process.

Form 4
Man Operating a Form 4 Desktop 3D Printer
injection molding & 3d printing
3D printed sample

Additional Resources About Mass Customization

Check out some additional resources to help you get started with mass customization.

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