3 Reasons to Attend the Formlabs User Summit

Sometimes nothing beats being in person, hands-on, face-to-face with other designers and creators. That’s why we’ve brought back the Formlabs User Summit; a unique gathering of passionate Formlabs users defining what’s possible with digital fabrication. Whether you’re just getting started or leading the industry—come with your ideas, questions, challenges, and leave with new connections, learnings, solutions, and inspiration to power how we build the future of 3D printing and beyond.

Sound exciting? Here are the top three reasons you should attend the Formlabs User Summit:

1. Learn From Industry Trailblazers, Big and the Small

From startups printing on a single 3D printer to Gillette giving consumers the power to create and order customized 3D printed razor handles at scale, 3D printing has the potential to impact businesses across an array of industries. The Formlabs User Summit is one of the only places to see 3D printing success stories from both public companies and local businesses.

On the main stage, Dan Dempsey and Katherine Petrecca from New Balance will explain how the company is implementing 'additive strategies, enhancing looks and performance in every sneaker. Meanwhile, Lizz Hill Wiker will describe how Coach has been using the Form 2 for prototyping of jewelry and accessories across their teams from New York to China.

Small and medium-sized businesses are creating new solutions with 3D printing. Jenny Wu, founder of LACE by Jenny Wu, will speak about how she has built a luxury jewelry brand specializing in 3D printing nylon and precious metal statement pieces. The co-founders of Nervous System, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, will explain how a small design studio is working at the intersection of science, art, and technology. The power of a Formlabs printer is that it can scale up as needed, so whether you have a single printer or a print farm, there’s room for disruption.

2. Bring Keynotes to Life

Bring the themes and concepts from our suite of keynotes and speaking events to life with interactive, hands-on demos. Designers from multiple disciplines will be at their respective industry workbenches to show off prints, explain how they incorporated the Form 2 into their workflow, and share techniques for optimizing results. You’ll get the unique opportunity to meet the people, teams, and processes behind the 3D printed parts that drive their businesses. An adjacent Expert Station will be occupied by Formlabs customer care specialists ready to answer any and all product questions you may have.

To drive home the “show don’t tell” experience, this year’s Formlabs User Summit will feature something truly unique: a pop-up digital factory. Explore the factory to get a hands-on look at how new technology is disrupting the manufacturing floor while you build a custom radio from scratch with the help of our manufacturing partners: Tulip, AWS, Vention, and the Public Radio team. A mixture of 3D printing, software guidance, and advanced automation will seamlessly merge to make this feat possible.

Alongside the pop-up factory, industry workbenches, and expert station, you’ll get a close-up look at the newly announced Form 3 and Form 3L, our full resin library, and the Fuse 1.

3. Improve Your Workflows

We’ve created a special track called the Formlabs University to help you get the most out of your printer. Learn directly from Formlabs experts in four sessions covering:

  1. Scaling Micro-Factories
  2. Deep-Dive Into PreForm + Dashboard software
  3. Applications Overview
  4. Materials Behind the Scenes

Between choosing the right materials, creating silicone and composite molds, and best practices from mastering PreForm to part finishing, you’re guaranteed to walk away with new skills. The User Summit will be filled with learnings, tips and tricks, and success stories from other Formlabs users.

Hope to See You There!

The Formlabs User Summit is your chance to connect with and learn from 3D printing super users. Attend to immerse yourself in success stories and interdisciplinary discussions, while learning actionable tips and techniques for perfecting and scaling your own 3D printing designs.

Don’t miss out on, along with free custom prints, CAD giveaways, Formlabs swag, resin and more.

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