3D printed and painted Glib Alligator by Shane

Namesake Contest Winner

April 3, 2015 in Interviews , News

The entries to our Printer Namesake Contest were amazing!

To judge them, we brought together the whole Formlabs Staff and cast votes for our favorites. Glib Alligator by Shane Mans emerged as our snake oil selling winner. Heavy Minotaur and Oceanic Hyena were also both crowd favorites, coming in as our runners up.

Glib Alligator, with his little bottle of Black Style Snake Oil Resin and awesome paint job, captures Shane’s printer’s name marvelously.

Glib Alligator - Form 1+ Namesake Contest
Glib Alligator has some snake oil resin he'd like to sell you!

We fell in love with William Gantt’s photo of Heavy Minotaur using its tiny bulk to bend a penny.

Heavy Minotaur Form 1+ Namesake Contest
Heavy Minotaur using his tiny bulk to bend a penny

Fabcrobard’s Oceanic Hyena was widely recognized as the creature we would least want to encounter while scuba diving.

Oceanic Hyena Form 1+ Namesake Contest
We really dont want to run into Oceanic Hyena under water

We would also like to call out Ancient Moose for a special mention. Valerlo Korax took us along for the journey of creating this awe-inspiring sculpt Ancient in a great forum thread.

Ancient Moose Form 1+ Namesake Contest
A spectacular sculpt

I want to thank everyone who put so much work into their entries. You can see them all on the entries on the Formlabs Forum and, just for fun, vote for your favorite the forum poll.

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