Polishing Clear Resin for a Transparent Finish

Clear resin is great for showcasing internal details like fluidic channels, housing LEDs, or creating a window-like finish for your prototype. Follow these steps to get make your parts as clear as possible.

1. Wet sand your part


Sanding your part under running water or on a wet piece of sandpaper helps you get as smooth a surface as possible. We like to start out with 800 grit sandpaper and then move on to 1200 for an ultra-smooth finish.

2. Use acrylic cleaner on cork board


The same Novus 1 that we recommend for cleaning your Form 1+ cover is great for polishing as well. Apply a small amount to piece of cork and continue polishing for a smoother and smoother surface.

3. Polish part with a microfiber cloth

4. Finish with acrylic spray (optional)

5. Check out the transparency of the final part!


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