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Powerful, affordable
3D printers for professionals

Formlabs offers a complete desktop stereolithography system, designed to be intuitive, reliable, and extremely precise.

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Build Volume 145×145×175 mmin
Layer Thickness 25 100 microns
Laser Spot Size 140 microns
Laser Power 250 mW

Standard Resins

Available in four different colors, Standard Resins deliver the highest-quality output, capturing astonishing detail without sacrificing durability and toughness.

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Engineering Resins

Our high-performance Engineering Resins offer a range of mechanical properties for your most demanding applications, from heat resistance to flexibility to high impact strength. These materials simulate a range of injection-molded plastics, covering the full spectrum of properties needed to prototype, test, and manufacture successful final products.

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Jewelry Resin

Formlabs Castable Resin is designed to produce precise details and smooth surfaces. It burns out cleanly without ash or residue, allowing jewelers and casting houses to go straight from digital design to a 3D print suitable for direct investment casting.

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Dental Resins

Formlabs Dental Resins enable in-house rapid manufacturing of a range of dental products, including crown and bridge models, orthodontic models and biocompatible surgical guides, splints, and retainers.

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Simple, Automated Post-Processing

Form Wash and Form Cure automate cleaning and post-curing Form 2 prints. Streamline the entire 3D printing process and consistently deliver high-quality results with less time and effort.

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PreForm Software

PreForm is desktop software for Windows and Mac OS that prepares files (STL or OBJ) for printing on Formlabs 3D printers. Use One-Click Print to set up most models automatically, or manually edit files for maximum control.

PreForm supports English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

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Use Dashboard to manage multiple printers, monitor resin usage, and track print progress and results from anywhere.

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Fuse 1

The Fuse 1 brings the industrial power of selective laser sintering (SLS) to the benchtop. SLS uses a laser to fuse powdered nylon into strong, flexible parts.

The Fuse 1 can be used in your workshop, with no specialized infrastructure, for a fraction of the cost of traditional SLS machines.

In beta now in the US only.

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