Engineering Explorer Pack


In our Engineering Explorer Pack, see first hand how Formlabs 3D printing materials can be used to produce functional, high-performance parts. Expand your capabilities with the unique material properties of Tough 1500 Resin, Flexible 80A Resin, Rigid 4000 Resin, and High Temp Resin, all of which are part of our library of Engineering Resins, formulated to help you reduce costs, iterate faster, and bring better experiences to market.

Tough 1500 Resin is the most resilient material in our functional family of Tough and Durable Resins. Choose Tough 1500 Resin for stiff and pliable parts that bend and spring back quickly.

Rigid 4000 Resin is part of our family of Rigid Resins. Rigid 4000 Resin prints with a smooth, polished finish and is ideal for stiff and strong parts that can withstand minimal deflection. Consider this glass-filled material for general load-bearing applications.

Flexible 80A Resin is the stiffest soft-touch material in our library of Flexible and Elastic Resins, with an 80A Shore durometer. Balancing softness with strength, Flexible 80A Resin can withstand bending, flexing, and compression, even through repeated cycles.

High Temp Resin has the highest heat deflection temperature (HDT) in our entire portfolio. Use it to print models for environmental testing, or create molds and masters for production processes like casting and thermoforming.

Post-curing is required for all Formlabs Engineering Resins.

  • Engineering Explorer Pack


Manufacturers can directly print final parts, prototype, or streamline production lines with 3D printed tools, molds, jigs, and fixtures.

Consider Engineering Resins for:

Rapid prototyping
Single unit or small batch production
Jigs and fixtures
Mass customization