Why Choose Polypropylene Powder

Produce ductile and durable parts with a simplified workflow in house using SLS 3D printing with Polypropylene Powder on the Fuse 1+ 30W.

Genuine Polypropylene

Get your products to market faster and more affordably by producing functional parts in-house for prototyping or bridge manufacturing, seamlessly transitioning into mass production of injection molded polypropylene components.

Lightweight, High Ductility

Fabricate lightweight parts that offer the mechanical properties of common injection molded polypropylenes, ensuring durability in demanding environments for ductile prototypes or end-use parts.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Produce durable, watertight components with very low moisture absorption that can endure a wide range of acids, bases, organic solvents, fuels, and alcohols.

Easy to Use

Fabricate ductile, dimensionally accurate parts without the need for inert atmospheric control.


Leverage the properties of genuine polypropylene for works-like prototypes and high-performance, lightweight end-use parts.

Packaging prototypes, watertight housings, cases
Automotive interior components
Orthotics and prosthetics
Strong and chemically resistant fixtures, tools, and jigs

* Material properties may vary based on part design and manufacturing practices. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to validate the suitability of the printed parts for the intended use.

Material Properties

Download Polypropylene Powder Technical Data SheetDownload Polypropylene Powder Safety Data Sheet


Post-processing with the Fuse Sift powder management station and Fuse Blast cleaning solution is recommended. To learn more about post-processing Fuse Series SLS 3D prints, download our workflow guide.

Download the Workflow Guide